Friday, September 25, 2009

Warrior twinks

I am working on a WARRIOR twink at the moment, he is a 17  so I should be done in a matter of hours. If you go on armory you will need to type in Twankspank, 19 NE warrior on nightfall. He is the best of the best. if you want to be the best, get his gear. and as one of my older tips, just search for his gear on and see drop rates *note that you will not be able to get items in first try in dungeons example  cruel barb is like 15% drop chance, don't go in there asking for only 1 run, be prepared for upwards of 3 deadmines runs.      I will have the gear guide out BY TOMORROW!  Priests,pally's, and shamans are coming soon.

                                  ~ Ikillall

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Rogues are very simple to twink.    If you want to be great rogue twink than you will need Several sets of gear, due to patches that will come out reducing item agility, stam, etc.  So it wouldn't be a bad idea to watch AH for the  Defias Boots,pants,belt, and gloves. and the Fang set of the gloves. You could also look for Deviate Scale Belt  it's the best rogue belt avaible. No you do not need these, BUT I would definitly recomend them to anyone who is twinking a rogue. Alliance or horde, if you are a horde char... if you don't want the belts listed above, go to SFK and kill the 4th boss. He will drop a nice 7-8 stamina belt, it's nice for hunters and shamans too , due to the 9 intel on it. By the time you have done all of that, go to Deadmines or Wailing Caverns and get the whole set of gear, and get all weapons that drop, from DM you need to get  nothing from 1st boss , anything except the axe from 2nd boss, the pants from 3rd boss, 1h axe from 4th boss, and anything except cloth chest and cape from last boss. GET THE NOTE!  then put those items in bank, and level.  WC however, you need these items (I haven't been there in a while. I'll just put item's names)  Serpent's shoulders, Stinging Viper, 1h dagger or cape  (same boss drop , you want both) boots or bow from the 2nd to last boss, then nothing from final. DO NOT DO DRUID'S SLUMBER PART, waste of time! By then hopefully after 3 or so runs of the one that you need, you will have your gear. then go to the AH and purchase the highest level bracers, with stamina and agility or stamina and strength, blood ring, and a necklace. You could buy shoulders if you're alliance, but you should go to SFK or WC to get the 1st boss shoulders (9 agil)  Then get engineering up to 150, and get the green goggles, then make the highest level bombs, about 30. then go find the recipe for MINNOR RECUMBOBULATOR. If I spelled this wrong (pretty sure I did) ask trade chat how to spell it correctly and if anyone has it, item or the recipe. You will want both. get recipe as fast as possible and make as many as you can. you need them in battle. it will heal you and take of a friendly's polymorph if you use it on them.  All you need to do now is, level to 19 and get your honor up, and get the pvp trinket, The weapons that you use don't matter, if you enchant them correctly you should be fine, enchants are coming up within the next 2 guides, go for sub spec with main hand dagger and possibly another off-hand dagger or good sword in off-hand.      Good luck, send me a msg if you need help at my email adress   

9/22 update on twink guides.

Rogue, Pally, Priest, and Warrior guides are coming out for 19 twinking in the next few days. If you need anything sooner than that, send me an email or comment on this message.      Email is:                                                   
                                                                         If you need help just send me an email.

               -   Ikillall

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ikillall's gold tip of the day. 9/21

     If you find something that you think is rare or you would like more of, write down the creature's name and the item's name. Go onto   and search for both of the items. It will tell you the drop %. If it is low, I'm sorry but you will have to go on with what you got then and there, however! if it is higher drop rate it will be easier to get, so go ahead and continue to farm that creature and sell item(s) that drop!

Tip of the day! 9/21/09!

Hey, guys!
Here's today's tip: how to use Auctioneer
1. Either get Wowmatrix and download auctioneer, or just download it manually by extracting the files of the addon, opening up C:Programfiles/Worldofwarcraft/interface/addons and dragging the file in there.
2. Login to wow, there you will notice a little button at the bottom left hand corner of the login page. It will say "Addons". Then click on that button, and make sure the Addon is turned on.
3. Login to your bank toon (If you dont have a bank toon, make a human level one, run it to Stormwind and mail your stuff to it).
4. Go to the Ah.
5. Click on the Auction master
6. You will notice that the auction Interface is different than it usually is. That is good.
7. There should be a button that says "Scan" in the interface, or a button with a play sign on it.
8. Hit either one of those buttons, and it should scan the Ah. Note: this may take up to 20 minutes.
9. Now, for selling stuff. Go to the tab that says "Appraiser" at the bottom of the Ah interface.
10. there should be a menu with all the items you have in your bag.
11. Click on an item in that menu, and select "Post Item" (Note: you will need to select if you want to undercut the listings for that item, post it at an estimated price, or manually post the item at a price you want.)
12. Congrats! you know how to use Auctioneer!
Auctioneer is a simple addon that you can use to post auctions more accurately. It is very quick to use, and could save you a lot of time, and make you a lot of money.
Thanks, guys!
Matthias (Arygos-US server)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Matthias's 10 best gold making spots in WoW

Hey, guys!
Ikillall and I just came up with an idea. an idea to share with you some of the most confidential gold making spots in the game. so, I'm sure you don't want a huge explanation to why this guide is so great. So, Here we go! The 10 best gold making spots in WoW!

Note:These farming spots are in no particular order.
1. Deadwind Pass
Deadwind pass, in its entirety, is a great farming spot for people above level 55. there are a lot of great drops here. Estimated gold per hour: 200g
2. The Defias mobs in Westfall
Westfall is home to the Defias brotherhood. The mobs drop a lot of linen cloth and greens that sell well on the auction house. Estimated gold per hour: 10-20g (Which is awesome if you are around level 10-20, not so much for if you have a level 50+)
3.The Elemental Plateau
The Elemental Plateau in Nagrand is home to all kinds of elementals that drop motes of all kinds. A great farming spot for people level 70 and up. Estimated Gold Per Hour: 150g
4.Sholozar Basin=a paradise for Skinners and Fisherman
Sholozar Basin is one of the best places to get skinning up. there is also a fishing daily that is here a lot, and that could get you a lot of gold. Estimated gold per hour: 90 with skinning; 250-300 with Fishing
5.The Howling Hollow
The Howling Hollow is a great, GREAT spot to farm primals in. but don't just take my word for it, Marcko of justmytwocopper says it is the best farming spot in Northerend. estimated gold per hour: 250g (if you are an engineer, a miner, or a skinner, you will probably get more than that)
6. The air Elementals in Sillithus
These elementals drop Essences of Air. they aren't the best selling items in wow, but they still sell great. Estimated Gold per hour: 70g
7.Legion Hold in Shadowmoon Valley
Legion Hold is probably up there in my top 3 farming spots in WoW. If i were you, i would kill the mobs that are casting up to those big poles. They drop Netherweave like crazy, and about 10-20 silver per kill. Imo, its the second best farming spot in WoW. Estimated Gold Per Hour: 180g
8.The Val'kyr in Val'kyrion.
Val'kyrion is probably my favorite farming spot in World of warcraft. The Val'kyr mobs have a 100% drop rate for a vendor trash item that goes for 66 silver. thats a gauranteed 1g every 2 kills. Its great for a ranged DPS, and i forgot to mention that the Val'kyr mobs have a chance of dropping the [Tears Of Bitter Anguish] Trinket which sells for 2000g on most servers. Best farming spot for a ranged DPS. Would recommend being level 80 to use this tip. Estimated Gold Per Hour:300g
Longshore (Which is at the northernmost beach in Westfall) has a bunch of crabs walking around on it. You can literally go in a figure 8 and kill all the mobs. they drop Clams, and if you open them up, they drop crawler meat, which goes for 1g a piece on most servers. A real Gem of a farming spot. Would recommend it to anyone level 10 and up. Estimated Gold Per hour: 80g.
10.Shadowfang Keep
Shadowfang Keep is the best farming instance in WoW. I would garuntee at least one blue drop per run. it would take you around 5-10 runs to get the Shadowfang (The best twink sword in the game, selling for over 3000g on most servers) or the Assasin's Blade (The best twink Dagger in the game). they drop a ton of wool and linen cloth, and a lot of greens. best farming instance in the game, 'nuff said. Estimated gold per run: 100g
Well, thats the guide. Hope 'ya liked it!
Keep Making Money!
Cagedsavior (Aka Matthias)

Ikillall's 19 twink guide HUNTERS.

Hey all , Ikillall here , my guide did come early but that should be good for you guys!

Let's get started.

If you're making a Shaman and/or Druid Twink, you're going to want a mix of leather and cloth, however, Hunters and Rogues want FULL leather NO EXCEPTIONS. Casters will want to go for Spirit,intellect,a small amount of stamina, and as much armor as possible considering the fact of which that you will be Noob-tubed by low-lives.

Hunters - First things first. Level to 10, grab the pet quest from trainer at closest city, then go to Aldrassil (starting NE point) and get a GREEN spider from the caves, or if you don't like that after a while,(I don't like it but you might) you can go get a Nightsaber at either Teldrassil or Darkshore. Those are THE BEST pets avaible at 19. You will then want at least 10 if not more runs through WailingCaverns for the following items,*this will take a while, don't do it all at once* Serpent's Shoulders,Glowing Lizardscale Cloak,FULL FANG SET,and venomstrike.Then go to Deadmines and get the note from vancleef. Take into accountance that if you have no idea where in God's name Wailing Caverns is, Don't sweat it. Go to Deadmines and just get full set of that but it's pretty crappy IMO. After that, get engineering up to 150 and get the goggles. Also, make 20 of the explosive sheep and 20 Big Bronze Bombs, Then go to the Auction house and look for these 2 items. Schematic: Minor recombobulator, if you can't don't fret, go to wetlands and go to the windmill to the engineer vendor and buy it yourself. But if you're to lazy (like I was for a while) just buy them AH or ask guildies if they can make you some! Supply yourself with at least 10 and equip 2. Next, level your char up to around 17, then buy these AH items Twisted Chanter's Staff, Blood Ring and a TON of Healing potions. If you don't have enough for Twisted chanter's staff , Go to DM and get yourself Captain Crunch's (Greenskin :D) Staff, Emberstone Staff, it has great stats for the people of which who don't have a lot of money to spare, but if you don't have that kinda money, go look at Matthias' guides for gold gaining. All you need to do now , is do the quest you got from vancleef earlier and you'll need help for all of this. Then just get to 19 and do your PVP to get your trinket! I prefer Night Elves for their version of vanish, Shadowmeld, and natural agility. Dwarves are alright because of gun skill if you get Timmy's peashooter, and the natural ability Stoneform. Draenie are also good due to their ability Gift of the Naruu, so I beleive it's called. Now the proffesions, I'm sorry I didn't mension this any earlier in this guide but this goes for most twinks, Combo #1 : Engineering,Herbalism <—(NOT MEANT FOR DRAENIE!) Combo #2 : Engineering,Mining this one is really if you want to be a flag capper and go for full stam. Combo #3 : Engineering,Skinning This is for Crits, max it out to your best ability, if you want to be able to take down a guy that you beleive is better than you, this is for you.
Combo #4 : Engineering,Jewel Crafting - Note that you need BC to gain access to JC'ing. This is almost a replacement of Herbalism, because you make stone statues that heal you when you place them down. Helpful in big battles. (Not useable in arena's!) REMEMBER THIS! Enchants will be mentioned later on. But if there is ANY question(s) and or comment that you have, Feel free to send me an email at the following address,
I appreciate your views to my guide, Please please please! tell me how this does for you, if there are any flaws that I may have put please email me or post a comment! Thank you and good luck. All other twink guides are coming soon! This is almost a sample of all the others that will happen. I hope you're happy twinking, and my main character's name is Ikillall on US alliance server Arygos. Feel free to send me mail.